You can easily lose control

When something deserves getting revenge

I knew that day would come


Everything seems dark for me

You made me plan and think

Day and night, I felt weak

But tonight I decide you make me strong

Like I never been before


You don’t even think about me

You don’t even now what you’re doing

You don’t want to see and you’ll never see

All the beauty in me


You used to lose me,

Instead of that I chose to give you another chance

I’ve already been betrayed, once

But never again

I know I’ll recover, 

Because now I’m the stronger

I used to love you

And now you succeed in making me

Your worst enemy


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2 commentaires à “GETTING REVENGE”

  1. Jamal dit :

    One can never see the complete beauty in a person, till he or she loses them !
    sad fact of life.

  2. Mohammad Kahhaleh dit :

    I wished the sincere moments one live in the words above were longer.. coz this is a good experience.
    I loved it. an enchanting femme fatale perfume one could smell out of the words.
    Sometimes it’s very magical & dangerous to touch the female inside a female..
    ..warmth, tender, love .. plus a secret dose of power & control.
    This magic combination can only be found within a unique female..
    Once found.. one should never let go .

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